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H. pylori Breath Testing

What is H. pylori breath testing?

Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a type of bacteria that is known to cause gastritis, ulcers, and even stomach cancer. One of the most common ways to test for the presence of this bacteria is through a breath test.

The H. pylori breath test is a non-invasive test that can be used to diagnose an infection of the stomach lining. The test works by measuring the levels of carbon dioxide in the breath. This is because H. pylori bacteria produce carbon dioxide as a by-product of their metabolism.

The H. pylori breath test is a simple and quick test that can be done in a doctor’s office. The test involves drinking a solution of urea, which is a type of compound found in urine. This solution contains a small amount of radioactive carbon dioxide.

After drinking the urea solution, you will be asked to breathe into a bag. The bag will be sealed and sent to a lab for analysis. The amount of carbon dioxide in the bag will be measured to determine the levels of H. pylori bacteria in your stomach.

If the results of the test are positive, it means that you have an active H. pylori infection. You will then be treated with antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

The H. pylori breath test is a safe and effective way to diagnose an H. pylori infection. There are no known risks associated with this test. However, it is not recommended if you are or may be pregnant.

If you have any questions about the H. pylori breath test, please talk to your clinician at Gastroenterology Associates of Brooklyn.