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Hemorrhoids Banding Ligation

Hemorrhoids are basically swollen veins inside the anus that can cause discomfort, itch, and bleed. Hemorrhoid banding is a simple, nonsurgical technique used to successfully treat symptomatic hemorrhoids. Sedation is not required.

Hemorrhoids begin with a combination of straining during a bowel movement, a low fiber diet, and poor bowel habits. Preventing constipation, using a stool softener, drinking ample water, being physically active, adding fiber to the diet, and avoiding narcotic pain medications can help prevent hemorrhoids.

During the hemorrhoid banding procedure, a small elastic band is placed around the base of an internal hemorrhoid to cut off its blood supply. This causes the hemorrhoid to shrink and eventually fall off within several days after treatment. Your Gastroenterology Associates of Brooklyn doctor may treat one or several hemorrhoids at the same procedure.

Hemorrhoid banding typically is a short procedure with little or no pain and the results can be long-term. If there is pain it can be managed with acetaminophen.

Complications are rare. Your doctor at Gastroenterology Associates of Brooklyn will provide you with complete information about the procedure, its benefits, and risks so you can make an informed decision about whether to have the procedure.

A good candidate is one who has symptoms of bleeding, itching, irritation, and discomfort when straining during a bowel movement. The procedure is contraindicated in patients on
anticoagulation therapy (blood thinner medication), are immunodeficient (have a weak immune system), and those who have anorectal Crohn’s disease.

Hemorrhoid banding may be used as an alternative to conventional surgery, which can require a longer recovery period and may cause more discomfort. It may also be used to treat large, internal hemorrhoids that do not respond well to other treatments such as topical creams or ointments. Your doctor may recommend hemorrhoid banding if you have persistent symptoms and other treatments haven’t been successful.

It is important to remember that although hemorrhoid banding can successfully treat your symptoms, it does not address the underlying causes of hemorrhoids. Therefore, it is important to take steps to reduce your risk factors for developing hemorrhoids in the future, such as increasing dietary fiber, drinking plenty of fluids, and exercising regularly. Talk with your doctor about what you can do to prevent recurrence of your symptoms.

Hemorrhoid banding is a safe, effective treatment for hemorrhoids of all sizes. In addition to shrinking the hemorrhoid, it may also reduce symptoms such as pain and itching. It can be repeated if necessary and is covered by most insurance plans.

Hemorrhoid banding is a safe and effective treatment for many people suffering from hemorrhoids. Talk to your specialist at Gastroenterology Associates of Brooklyn to find out if it’s right for you.